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Online Poker Multi Table Tournaments: Late Stages Strategies

Online poker multi table tournaments require a great context-specific strategy for each stage of the tourney. For the early stages, a very tight stance aimed at surviving is the best play. For the middle stages, a change of gears from very tight to somehow loose will help you build up your chips.

For the late stages of online poker multi table tournaments, expect that the competition will be fierce, and your opponents really skillful. But before you get stressed out, congratulate yourself! Surviving up to the late stages of a multi table tournament is no easy ordeal, so be happy!

The late stages will have really heated-up competitions. Here are the best strategies you can use in this stage of online poker multi table tournaments.

1. Your goal should be to be in the final table

Assuming that you have already built up a large enough stack, your goal now is really simple: to be one of the chip leaders and be in the final table. Or maybe it is not that simple.

In the late stages, the blinds go sky high. That is why you would need to have accumulated a large enough stack of chips by the middle stages, as blinding out in the late stages is a real threat.

A stack worth 300 big blinds is a healthy one. If you have around that much, good for you! But oftentimes you will still find yourself in the bottom 20 of the stack leaders. Do not be frustrated and envious, as you will eventually get to the top. That is, if you play your cards right.

2. Play very aggressively when short stacked, moderately slow when not

Oftentimes the blinds will be enough to short stack any player who waits for a superb hand. Thus, you need to strike a balance between tight plays and loose plays. When you have a short stack, you need to play very aggressively. Otherwise, you will not have any wagering power when you fall really short because of the blinds.

But when you have a high enough stack, go moderately slow. Playing aggressively will just open you up for very aggressive players who go all-in.

3. Use all of the poker strategies and plays that you have learned

This is the best place for you to show your poker prowess! Use everything that you have, and use them effectively. Need we say more?

The late stages of online poker multi table tournaments are perhaps the most exciting and stressful stage that you will be into. Just remember to keep your eyes at the final table, adjust your betting patterns according to your stack size, and effectively use all of your poker knowledge. By doing so, you will surely have that tournament prize almost in your hand.