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Scams involving Online Lottery

This article talks about the trend of scams in lottery and cronies luring in people taking the route of online lottery schemes.

Cases of scams in online lottery have been rampant.

One such case came up in news on November 28, 2011 when an elderly man was a target of such operation. He received a call from someone identifying from Mega Millions Sweepstakes and he said that the old man had won $1 million and a new car. All he had to do was to buy 35 prepaid Visa cards of $500 each and provide the card information to the caller. This small case of fraudulence has brought to the forefront the scams operating in names of latest lottery results.

With new online lotteries mushrooming everyday people cannot know for sure if such calls are authentic or are ways to cheat them via cronies. These cases also bring to the forefront the need to create strong laws and detection system to stop such fraudulence. Latest lottery results have allured many to try their luck with lottery schemes. And scammers have taken this route of using online lottery as a way to earn money.

All authentic online lottery conducting websites like EuroMillions, El Gordo have announced on their websites that any mails informing them of win in their lottery scheme and asking for a nominal processing fee is a scam and should not be responded to. Such measures are a welcome step on the part of these online lottery organizing companies to stop such cases.