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Tina Wallman, Poker Model

Tina Wallman is a force to be reckoned with in the poker scene and that's not just because she loks pretty. She is one of the unforgettable personalities that are involved in the rising poker scene and one that once seen by most men, has a face that they will never forget. As one of the most stunning women ever to grace the poker scene, it would be good for any poker lover to be aware of her. In 1981 Tina Wallman would be born. Before she would eventually become an especially beautiful swimsuit model and poker celebrity she would find herself being reared in Australia, where some of the biggest casinos, the Star City and Crown Casinos, are based. Tina Wallman had a mother that came from the homeland and a father that came from Germany. At the meager age of twenty seven, she would get into the modeling scene in a flash and would never look back, her amazing body shown for all to ogle and see across the mediums, even making it into the more prestigious men's magazines such as Maxim and FHM.

While Tina has been beautiful all along, her poker celebrity status is only on the updraft. The popular online poker site would give the world the chance to enjoy her as she was hired as a beautiful spokesmodel, effectively working for the Merge network. Carbonpoker had once gone under the name of Poker.Com and without hesitation would show their customers the curves and smiles of this stunner whenever they had the chance, through various ads. Tina can even be spotted on the tables, playing whenever the urge happens to strike her. While she is not ranked, she is most certainly listed in men's media lists around the world. Of that there can be no question.

When she isn't pumping out the hits at or blowing your mind with her bikinis, fans can spot her working out at the gym, further improving on her already amazing body. Her free time is usually consumed through travel and reading. Even her Myspace is packed full of friends and admirers, of which there are millions, people who wish the best for this woman. She has even said it herself, saying that she may be one of the most popular people on Myspace. Considering her charms, it wouldn't be surprising if she were right. Perhaps someday, if you stick to the poker scene long enough, you'll see her too.