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Is the age of land-based casino over?

With such increasing popularity of the Online Casinos, it could be presumed that this will result in the end of land-based casinos, that one will cause the demise of the other. Although some online sites, such as the popular, could give a land-based casino a run for its money, is this actually the case?

Frank Fahrenkopf, President and CEO of the American Gaming Association, was questioned following the release of a commercial casinos operation report, The AGA Survey of Casino Entertainment. During this session he discussed the affect of internet poker on casinos, he said, “Because we’re talking about Internet poker at this time, I could see how offering it online might hurt a small casino that’s dependent on poker,” he also added, “but we’ve spent significant time on is the impact of the Internet on existing operations, and our research concludes that it wouldn’t result in a significant change.”

He further discussed the implications that online gambling could have on land casinos and, contrary to popular belief, he suggested that the increase in interest of online gambling could, in fact, increase the popularity of land-based casinos by initially appealing to a new market who then progress by visiting a casino.

This point of view certainly carries weight; as this new influx of gamblers becomes more confident in game playing strategies, they might feel confident enough in their newly acquired skills to try their chances at the real thing, and they would probably take their friends.

For the first time in years reports revealed an increase in gross gaming revenue; albeit by less than 1%, this increase could be the sign of things to come. Previous years have reported significant losses thought to have been a direct result of the economic downturn, but with the success of online gaming and its appeal to an entirely new market, perhaps the future of the casino has been saved.

Although online casinos undoubtedly have their advantages over land-based casinos, the fact remains that the land-based casinos offer an experience and atmosphere that playing from home simply can’t compete with.