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Ninja Tactics for an Online Heads-Up Poker Play

Confuse, intimidate, pretend, surprise, and bluff - these are the usual tactics of a legendary Japanese deadly assassin called a ninja. And these are also the best ways to win a heads-up poker.

To win a heads-up poker match we must first focus on the blinds. With many players at the table blind bets are quite high in a Sit and Go game. But with regular heads-up Sit and Go the blind bets begin very low and this sets up the game as more of a psyche game than anything else. Here enters the ninja tactic to win a heads-up poker.

And once the game is set up thus, it becomes more exciting. It's no longer a hand battle - who gets a stronger hand wins - but it's now who acts smarter to baffle the opponent. It's still important not to get the worst hand, of course, but it no longer is that important to have good hand plays or odds calculations to win a heads-up poker.

The chat box is a good tool for this. We use it to send messages like, "How about we both go all-in during the first hand and watch what happens?" Or anything to that effect. The aim is to sow confusion and get the opponent to be less alert. The opponent will start thinking we're not serious to win a heads-up poker or we're totally nuts or a silly novice.

Then, if we chance on a good pre-flop hand, we really go all-in. A good hand in this case is any pair, or having an ace, or two high cards. No monster hands but good enough hands. It's seldom that we'd get strong hands and go all-in. Probably 10 percent of the time we'd have this scenario. But once we do, the opponent will be shocked and go on tilt and loose control.

The opponent will think we're crazy, and this is the kind of effect we want. They'd likely call. Once they do, we have them at our mercy because we have a considerable edge - we went all-in with a good poker hand to win a heads-up poker. Many experts win this scenario in one hand.

If the opponent folds we have prepared ourselves for good action later on. Whatever of the two happens, it's all in our favor. The ninja tactic often works well when we want to win heads-up poker the easy and crazy way. Besides, it's a fun and comical way to further enjoy the game.